Welcome to Stonerig Raceway


Stonerig was created with one thing in mind FUN!




We have 9 themed Scalextric Race tracks that will test your skills, your nerve but most of all you will be guaranteed to have fun. Stonerig Raceway has taken the racing experience one step further with our full size F1 Simulator this will simulate you racing round a real f1 circuit with force feed back on the steering wheel the experience is amazing.


Stonerig Raceway is a fantastic place for mates to meet and have some friendly competitive banter, with a variety of Scalextric and Carrera racetracks to compete on. From 1.32 scale cars to a full size replica F1 Simulator, experience the thrill of a race on the worlds GP circuits.



Can you see yourself sat in this F1 car? Prepare yourself for some fast paced action as you race around Silverstone accelerating to over 200 mph and taking corners like a pro! Get your adrenalin pumping, as the only thing standing between you and victory is the barriers and other cars challenging you for that pole position!




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