The Ultimate
in Racing.

Scalextric Racing

Stonerig Raceway is a unique attraction
based in Lees, Oldham. We are the
largest indoor Scalextric attraction in the
UK with 9 themed scaletric tracks all
varying in size with the biggest track being
119ft. All the tracks vary in difficulty and
appearance. We have the Snow track, Space

track, Desert track and more all waiting
for you to race on.

Formula One Simulation

Have you ever wondered what it would
be like to drive a Formula One car! “You
can” You are sat in a replica full size car
which has a host of features such as DRS,
KIRS, Break BIAS and more. You race
on the triple screens and for the ultimate
experience add virtual reality with Oculus

5 star rated ∗∗∗∗

Stonerig Raceway prides itself on delivering a 5 star experience.
We are rated 5 star on Tripadvisor  with a certificate of excellence
from 2014 to present day. We also have fantastic reviews on google
Take a look.

What you can expect!

Come and visit us for a great day out! We will give
you top race tips and be on hand to help and assist 
you along the way.

Choose your experience!

Scalextric Prices

Kids Parties

Virtual Reality

F1 Simulation

Educational Trips

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Adult Parties

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RC Cars




Created for racing..

Race in a miniature wonderland.

Bring your friends, family or celebrate your special occasion and take some
lasting memories 
with you. Experience different extremes of racing from
Scalextric to full size Formula One simulation.

Formula One Simulation

Have you got the eye of a tiger or the will of a winner! Experience
Formula One Simulation like no other! Put yourself in the driving
seat and test your skills.

You sit in a replica Formula One car with triple screens and
force feedback on the steering wheel; you also have a full interactive
steering wheel with a host of functions. If you want to take your
experience one step further you can experience (VR) Virtual Reality
racing with Oculus Rift.

Kids Parties

Celebrate your birthday with Stonerig Raceway. We can tailor-make the
party to suit you. We can make it competitive for teenagers incorporating
the f1 simulation with the Scalextric. We can also adapt to make a more
relaxed experience for younger children.

Adult Parties

Celebrate your special occasion with Stonerig Raceway. We can
tailor-make the event to suit you. by making it competitive
incorporating the f1 simulation alongside the Scalextric.
you can experience the very best that Stonerig Raceway
as to offer.

Gift Vouchers

Stonerig Raceway gift vouchers are a great present for friends or family.
You can choose either Scalextric or Formula One simulation or combine
them both for the ultimate racing gift.

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