The best Scalextric and Formula One
simulation attraction in the North West.

Stonerig Raceway is a unique one off attraction which has 9 Scalextric tracks with different themes. We also have a full
size Formula One simulator which tests your skills in a realistic environment. We are the only attraction that offers
miniature racing and full size racing, we are rated 5 star on Tripadvisor with a certificate of excellence.

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Virtual Reality

F1 Simulation

Educational Trips

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F1 Hire

Scalextric Hire

Adult Parties

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Created for racing..

Formula One Simulation

Have you got the eye of a tiger, the will of a winner! Experience Formula One Simulation
like no other. Put your self in the driving seat and test your skills.

You sit in a replica Formula One car, which has triple screens with force feedback on the
steering wheel; you also have a full interactive steering wheel with a host of functions. If
you wanted to take your experience one step further you can experience (VR) Virtual
Reality racing with Oculus Rift “MIND BLOWING”.

Virtual Reality

If you have ever wondered what it is like to be a formula one driver Stonerig Raceway
can bring you close than ever to the racing action. You will experience 360˚ visible head
rotation giving you the opportunity to see what is happening around you.

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