How did Stonerig Raceway Start?

Inspired by Kids!

The company was created by Gareth Stone.
The idea was generated from a Scalextric
track that he had built for himself (him being
a big kid and all). Not long after building
the track he was thinking of something to
do with his kids.

Whilst he was cleaning is Scalextric track
this gave him the idea of taking the kids
Scalextric racing. To his amazement there
was nothing, or at least nothing suitable.

The development stared with loads of research
on the web. Then the business plan a trip to the
bank with everything crossed. With the bank (RBS)
investing in my idea it was time to build.

The build

An Opportunity!

The light build moment happened; the idea of giving people a purpose
build Scalextric attraction was coming to life.

The naming of the company!

The company name came from a company i was trying to form in
custom parts to go along side model RC truck. The truck in the
image above was our prototype but the tooling cost for the parts we
gore dropping, this idea was dropped so i decided to build a Mini
comercial center for rc truck along side the Scalextric and this
is haw Stonerig Raceway got its name.

Our development.

Top 100 attractions

Top 100 Attractions



Oldham Business 

Custom built Scalextric tracks

Custom Build

Formula One Simulation

F1 Simulation

What we have achieved!

Stonerig Raceway growth through its 5 years of trading have been
fantastic. We have taken the company in to different avenues such
as Hire, Corporate entertaining, custom built tracks, Formula One
simulation and virtual reality. We are currently looking in to
building remote control race tracks.

Created for racing..

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