Educational Trips

Reward those
hard working

Make a lasting impression! Give your staff and pupils
a day to remember. Race round a Scalextric wonderland
with 9 themed scalextric tracks all-varying in size and
difficulty; The biggest being 119ft.

You can also sit yourself in a full size Formula One
simulator which will simulate you racing on any of the
worlds GP circuits. 

We offer schools, collages, careers any educational body
or care facility special rates please contact us for pricing.

We also have available on request public lability insurance
and risk assessment. All our equipment is all pat tested
and up to date.


Scalextric Racing

Race on 9 different themed Scalextric track over two
floors. All the tracks vary in size and difficulty. Race
with the latest super cars and hyper cars.

Formula One Simulation

Formula One simulation
(triple screens).

You can then take it a step further and race on the
ultimate racing machine a full size Formula One
simulator. You are seated in the cockpit of the car
where you are surrounded with triple screen to give
you a fully immersive feel alongside this you have a
multitude of functions on the steering wheel. These
functions are KERS, DRS, break BIAS, traction control
and a host of other functions all related to F1 racing.

Formula One simulation
(Virtual reality)

You could go another step further and experience next
generation F1 simulation with Oculus Rift Virtual Reality.
You are seated in the cockpit of the car where you will wear
the Oculus Rift VR head set. You will enter a virtual world
where you have 360 degrees visible head rotation you see
everything you would normally see in real life. This is next
generation gaming.

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Formula One Simulation