Formula One Simulation

The Ultimate
Driving Experience

Put your self in a replica F1 car which has
been designed to replicate the driving
experience. You are seated in the cockpit
of the car where you are surrounded with
triple screen to give you a fully immersive

Alongside this you have a multitude of
functions on the steering wheel. These
functions are KERS, DRS, break BIAS,
traction control and a host of other
functions all related to F1 racing.

Formula One Simulation pricing

Simulation Pricing 10am – 5pm

6 Minutes Simulation £5.00

15 Minutes Simulation £11.00

30 Minutes Simulation £14.99

45 Minutes Simulation £24.00

60 Minutes Simulation £28.00

What we recommend.

We recommend that you should book your time as we only have 
one simulator, this will avoid disappointment. The are restrictions
you have to be 76cm from floor to waist in order to operate the 
simulator. (Only one person can use the car at any one time).

Can you rise to the challenge!

Other features

The steering wheel is a high performance simulator steering system for professional use.
Provides top quality force feedback and control over simulation. This gives you precise
control. The simulator also has a THX Certified surround sound system that delivers
powerful theatre quality acoustics. This amplifies your experience with every gear change
and screech of your tyres.

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