Kids Parties

The Venue

Stonerig Raceway is the ultimate party venue. With 9
Scalextric tracks to race on we promise to deliver a
fantastic experience. You will be amazed at all the
different themed tracks and modern day sports/ hyper
cars. It’s an action packed wheel-spinning engine
roaring experience.

What is included?

When you book a party with Stonerig Raceway your greeted
with a warm welcome, advised and guided through the
booking experience. You have the option of tailor-made
invites personalised to the birthday boy or girl, we email
these to you. (We do not supply printed copies).

The party food is made by us and is presented after the
1hour 10 minutes racing. We have two menu’s for you to
choose from. After the food we will take a group photo of
the party with one of our trophies. This is also emailed
back to you.

The UKs No:1 Party Venue

Kids Parties 

Stonerig Raceway offers several party option to suit large and small groups.
Please select from the options below the package that best suits you. If you
have any Question please contact us.

Some of the links below are currently being developed
this information will be available soon. please contact us
if you need any information

What you can expect!

Once you have arrived at Stonerig Raceway with your party we will instruct
you on the dos and don’ts. Then we will instruct the group on how the tracks
work then set you off in groups.

The kids get to race for 1 hour 10 minutes on any of the tracks then you will
have the food for the last 20 minutes. Any parents or siblings that are not
included in the party that wants to race can at a reduced cost of £8.00pp.
Once the party food is finished we will take a group photo of the group.

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