Scalextric Racing

Scalextric sessions.

Welcome to Stonerig Raceway the biggest
indoor Scalextric attraction in the UK. You
will experience racing like no other; with
9 themed Scalextric tracks to race on all
varying in complexity you are sure to be

You don’t have to book you can just turn
up and race. You do not have to bring your
own cars but you are more than welcome
but at your own risk.

Recommended time for racing on the track
is 1 hour.

Recommended age for the Scalextric is 4 year
old. We have had 3 year olds on the track but
some may need assistance.

Scalextric Pricing 

Scalextric Pricing 10am – 5pm

30 Minutes Racing £6.00

1 Hour Racing £9.50

1 Hour 30 Minutes £13.00

2 Hours Racing £17.00

What we recommend

If you want to use all the tracks we recommend
that you choose the 1 hour session. If you choose
the 30 minutes you probably won’t get on all the
tracks. ( The average time on the track is 6.5
minutes if you choose the one hour session as
there are 9 different track to race on).

Exclusive Scalextric Pricing 

Scalextric Pricing 5pm – 7pm

Stonerig Raceway becomes your own race
centre for
the times below. There is a
minimum requirement
of 8 people. If
numbers are below 8 you will be

charged at the rate of 8 people.

1 Hour £15.00 pp or
£120.00 a session (8)

1 hour 30 minutes £20.00 pp
or £160.00 a session (8)

2 hours £25.00 pp or
£200.00 a session (8)

Please note that you have to book for one of the
above times you can not just turn up on the day.

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